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Krystal Strong

Krystal Strong

Real Estate Professional

I love being a Realtor because I get to meet so many new and wonderful people and build lasting relationships with my clients and their families. In addition, I get the opportunity to implement my background, experience, and education to help guide my clients throughout the process so that they can make the most well informed real estate and financial decisions for their lives now as well as in the future.  I truly enjoy everything about being a Realtor, from house shopping, staging and marketing listings, to the negotiations and managing the transaction. There is never a challenge I shy away from and my client’s best interests are my top priority.


I am a mother of two who are active in sports and activities, a girl scout troop leader, and a proud and active volunteer in my community. I have lived in Becker for over 10 years, before that I lived in St. Cloud while attending SCSU, and prior to that I grew up in Elk River/Otsego, so I am very familiar with Sherburne and Wright counties and as the surrounding areas. My step mother is my broker, she started My Mobile Agents over a decade ago. After spending 20+ years at big-box brokerages and becoming partner, Caprice wanted to take her expertise and started her own boutique brokerage specializing in making real estate buying and selling meet the needs of the client.


My husband of over 17 years is also a Realtor and currently an executive at a local bank in the lending department after spending 12+ years working for a couple big-box banks. My husband and I own and manage a handful of rental properties throughout Sherburne County that we have accumulated over the last 12 years. Growing up, my husband’s father owned a home building/construction and land development company and my father owns a business renovating distressed properties. Most of my life I have been immersed in all aspects of the real estate industry, from financing, to renting and investment properties, to renovating and of course, buying and selling. My husband and I also specialize in working with and helping active and veteran military members relocate and secure financing.


After college I spent a few years working for a legal department as an executive assistant editing legal contracts, including commercial leases. I then spent a few years as a high school Social Studies and Work-Based Learning teacher. Inevitably I realized that real estate was not just in my blood it was also in my heart and I turned my hobby into a career. Since obtaining my real estate license, helping buyers and sellers in my community experience successful financial and real estate transactions has become my passion.


I am a mobile agent for a virtual company, which means that I come to my clients as needed. It also means that most, if not all, of our paperwork and communication throughout the process can be electronic and virtual, which helps makes the process efficient and convenient. Mobile Agents is a family owned company, we pride ourselves on having strong core values and a commitment to the integrity of the Real Estate Industry and the clients it serves.